Designing with Microcomputers -- The 68HCS12

For those who desire a printed copy

Designing with Microcontrollers -- The 68HCS12, 2011 Edition (revised in 2015) textbook can now be purchased in 8.5"x11", perfect bound, printed format. ISBN 9781463738501.

The printed textbook cover This 384 page book has the content of the latest CD edition of the text, and a link is provided to download all of the example programs which appear in the CD. (The image on the left is an older edition, but the cover is basically the same.)

There are some downsides if you just buy only the printed book:
  • You will have to obtain and possibly print the Freescale documentation referred to in the text.
  • Delivery time is longer, usually two weeks from your order, while the CD is typically delivered in three or four business days.
  • You don't get the simulator.
  • There are no hyperlinks.
  • No color illustrations.
You might want to consider the combination package of the textbook and CD, and get the best of both the printed text and the CD.

Ordering only the textbook

Order the textbook from, for $39.95 plus shipping by clicking on the right or here if you prefer. Schools within the United States can get a major discount on quantity purchases by contacting me here. School orders can be placed via purchase order, and will take typically 2 weeks for delivery. Note that there are no returns on the printed textbooks -- they are printed on demand with no warehousing facility.

Combination Special While They Last

A Combination Special with the printed textbook (2015 revision) and CD is available for purchase to addresses in the United States only, for $65 postpaid. This is shipped from stock via Priority Mail. To order, click the button on the right. You are basically receiving the printed book under cost when buying with the CD! I'll lose money on each sale, but will make it up in volume.


Note that orders for the Combination Special will not be processed June 15 through 24, 2018

textbook opened

People have asked me why this offer only applies to customers in the United States. The reason is the high shipping charges for the heavy book make shipment elsewhere unreasonable. I recommend that people interested in this book outside the United States purchase the CD version, and print a copy locally from the included PDF file. Customers are granted a licence to print a copy for their own use.

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