Designing with Microcomputers -- The 68HC12

The Package

Designing with Microcontrollers -- The 68HC12 was conceived and developed starting in 1999 to be used in classes I taught using the 68HC12 microcontroller. It represents a complete software and documentation package for the student, containing not only the cross-referenced, CD-based textbook but also a program editor, assembler, and simulator.

The package is particularly suited for the M6HC12A4EVB evaluation board and most other MC68HC812A4-based boards, but also M68HC912B32 microcontrollers running in single chip mode.

Users of the 68HCS12 microcontroller will be much better served with the 68HCS12 textbook and simulator on CD. This newer package has far more content and a better simulator than the 68HC12 version. But if you are using a 68HC12 rather than a 68HCS12, this package is for you! (And you will save money over the 68HCS12 package cost).

Questions? Contact me at

If you are an instructor for a microcontroller or related course and wish to evaluate the package prior to incorporating it into your course, please send me an EMAIL with your request, and I will send you an evaluation copy. Don't forget to include your mailing address at your institution.

Commercial use? At this time the simulator is only licensed (and priced) for educational use.